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Turnkey Projects

Renewable Energy - Hydro Power

»  We undertake projects on turnkey basis at the most economical rates for building decentralized, off-grid power-houses and mechanical shaft outputs from 10 kilowatts (13 Hp) to 100 kilowatts (135 Hp) from:-

»   Industrial waste discharges, industrial plant / process circulations, municipal discharges/treated waste water discharges, effluent treatment plants, sewerage -treatment plants, IIVAC installations, farms, irrigation, ❖ Run-of -the -river/stream, dam toes, lakes/ponds at an elevation, waterfalls, hill areas and canal drops etc

»  By giving us an opportunity to serve your organization you can generate almost free power by exploiting circulations and discharges which are otherwise a total dissipation of energy

»  Our systems can make good use of even system heads as low as 5 meters and flows as low as 50 liters per second

»   We study given site conditions and design, manufacture, integrate, supply, erect and commission systems for hydro-power and mechanical shaft outputs

»  We conduct physical site studies for evaluation, collect hydrological, geological, topographical data for analysis of the best possible methods for the given site conditions

»  We conduct pre feasibility / feasibility studie/preparation of detailed project reports etc

»  We design the entire system for optimum efficiency, maximum output and almost zero but regular, periodic and very low maintenance

»  As the site conditions cannot be changed often, the emphasis of our design and materials is on long service life of the plant for the given site conditions ❖

»  Our design and systems are relatively more economical than what the market has to offer.

Renewable energy — hydropower

Hitherto of all the known renewable energy sources hydro-power from run- of- the-river /stream is the:-

»  Most efficient technology

»  Completely benign

»  Most established than the rest

»  Relatively much more efficient compared to other forms

»  Provides inflation free power Relatively low and simple maintenance

»  Innately cheaper to own, install, operate and maintain

»  Requires minimal but regular maintenance

»  Most reliable and mature of all the forms

»  An excellent decentralized off-grid source of generation

»   Gives emission free electricity

»  Has negligible or no environmental impacts Discharges constant generation unlike other forms

»  Long system life of 30 to 50 years depending on the design and site conditions

»  Reasonably short pay-back period within 2 to 10 years depending on the site conditions and design

»  Definitely a renewable energy source

»  Gives no carbon dioxide emissions ,

»  Is non polluting, no chemical pollution, no ground water pollution, no release of heat or gases

»  Has no fuel input costs on a daily basis

»  Provides low cost electricity or mechanical output

»  Is the proven technology that offers reliable and flexible operation