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Gurudev Enterprises - Consulting & Melioration Services / solutions

Backed with far more than the requisite expertise experience & facilities we provide unique & exclusive consultancy & melioration services / solutions for a vast variety of technical intricacies, pertinent & recurring issues across a vast variety of work spheres at a relatively very meager rates without any kind of hype & or vanity as simplicity is the phenomena of our work pattern, strictly only to those who are solely committed for the accomplishment of the task at hand without any kind of second or parallel interests / thoughts

Through a long journey of more than 4 decades & blessed by the virtue & fortune of having worked with & under the best of the best & the noble minds from across the globe, across a wide variety of sectors who have disseminated the cognizance of work & the true philosophy of innovation to us & we have assimilated the same into our contemplative practices along with our gifted analytical competence, ingenuity of thinking & innate flair for continuous learning through this evolution we have accrued an abundance of cognizance of work & honed our skills through the ascendance of technologies across a wide variety of sectors

Work Spheres

  • Intricate fabrications in a wide variety of materials Tool designs - Tools, Jigs, Fixtures, Dies, Moulds & pertinent Machine-shop operations
  • Development of relatively obscure / intricate components in various materials like brass, bronze, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium alloys ferrous & non ferrous alloys hylam, wood, rubber, ebonite, carbon graphite ceramic, polypropylene, pvc, acrylic,Teflon etc
  • Design & development / maintenance of special purpose machines
  • Rotary & reciprocating equipment Pneumatic hydraulic equipments / operations / sequences maintenance management
  • Mechanization & automation in work spheres
  • Packaging filling capping sealing labeling palletizing machines & operations
  • Filtering equipments & processes maintenance management.Intricate sealing solutions
  • Rubber processing & pertinent equipment mill rolls, kneaders, hydraulic presses, dies, moulds, extruders, vulcanizers etc
  • Mining & beneficiation rock & mineral crushers, conveyors, dust control & suppression, ball mills, vibratory screens, pulverizers etc
  • Batch mixing plants and Bulk material handling conveyors elevators etc
  • Agro, food processing, brewery, distillery, fertilizer, refinery, equipments
  • Heavy equipment fleet maintenance management for optimum efficiency & absolute reliability
  • Machine-shop fabrication facilities equipment & operations optimization
  • Tooling operational sequential procedural meliorations for the sub assemblies / assembly / in automobile manufacturing
  • Reclamation & restoration of old & obsolete machinery & equipment
  • Heat exchange solutions for rapid heating & cooling & vice versa along with energy conservation
  • Support in the selection, procurement, erection, commissioning, Maintenance (preventive service & breakdown) management of utility equipments like pumps, compressors, blowers, valves, heat exchangers, drive systems, turbines, gearboxes etc
  • Peerless water & energy conservation solutions
  • Lakes ponds water-bodies welfare management
  • Water / sewerage / effluent treatment plants melioration
  • Conscientious technical & commercial feasibility / viability analysis for a wide variety of technical projects
  • Support from the initial concept stage of preparation of DPRs to installation & commissioning of industrial manufacturing facilities / production / process plants
  • Conducive services / solutions for environmental conservation issues & etc

Our Policy: - 100% advance payment-fixed rates-no bargaining-no negotiations-no bribing-no lobbying-no kickbacks-no sales talk-no false commitments-no politics only work-work-work